Video advertising – 4K and 8K

Cinematic Studio offers professional video advertising filming for your marketing needs. Looking for optimal options to grow your business and promote your products and services? Explore and benefit from the qualities of video advertising.

Advantages of 4K and 8K video ad filming

We offer high quality 4K and 8K video ad filming with perfect audio that guarantees professional results when presenting your brand, products and/or services.

  • The 4/8K video capture shows every detail in the shooting with excellent frame stabilization;
  • Enables efficient video editing of footage without losing visual and/or audio quality;
  • 4/8K provides maximum realism in color representation, fine detail, etc., and captures every sound at excellent quality.

About the Cinematic Studio video advertising service

Cinematic Studio produces and edits video advertising according to the individual needs of your business and brand specifics. Video commercials are short videos whose impact on the consumer is intended to provoke specific actions to purchase, generate interest, brand awareness and the like.

They aim to sell a product and/or draw attention to a particular service, introduce the brand, etc. The video ad serves to successfully promote a brand across various communication channels, including social networks, video platforms, websites, e-stores and many others that modern businesses inevitably use.

Video advertising is a powerful marketing tool that many companies are taking advantage of these days. This type of advertising messages has no analogue in advertising communication. They are easy and quick to adopt, unlike any other traditional advertising method.

Process of creating a video ad

At Cinematic Studio, we develop and implement complete video advertising solutions for you. We take an individual approach to each project, developing it according to your demands and goals.

First of all, we take into account your idea for a video commercial, we plan the script, and then we get down to the actual shooting. We shoot a wide range of footage, and subsequently carry out the complete processing and editing of the material, guided by current market trends and applying innovative techniques.


Formulating a goal

Every commercial has its mission and goals, the realization of which play a leading role in the successful promotion of your brand. Once we have a clear idea of your company’s purpose and specific activity, its activities, products and services offered, we can boldly proceed to formulate a comprehensive concept for shooting a video commercial.

Determination of length

Depending on the initial objectives and subsequent implementation of the video ad, the length of the final product may vary. Cinematic Studio carries out video shoots of various lengths for commercials, corporate films and more.


Audience segmentation

Another important point at the stage of formulating a video advertising concept is the correct audience segmentation. Your business best knows who a video ad is planned to target to be most effective. Combined with our creative enthusiasm and high professionalism in the field of video shooting, the result is an excellent corporate video.


We focus on content

Our years of experience in corporate videography and the professionalism that our team possesses, give you the assurance that we will focus on valuable and engaging content. Good video advertising is interesting, attracts attention and makes the consumer seek out more and more of what your brand has to offer. With our assistance, this is a completely achievable goal and the proof is the numerous video projects we have completed in the field.

Video advertising and its success

More and more companies are trusting the service of making business video advertising and that’s not by chance. This type of communication with the audience is significantly more effective than any other method used by traditional advertising.

Studies show that our brains can process over 90% of advertising content presented in the form of video, and in just few seconds. To do so, our brain uses only 30% of its functions. This speed of perception cannot be achieved by any other of your well-known promotional methods.

This makes video messages much easier and quicker to perceive. This also ensures excellent results – your message reaches more people, and many of them are also potential long-term customers and/or partners.

However, an important requirement is that the video ad is filmed and then post-produced in a professional manner. This is where the expertise, the use of highly professional equipment and software processing come to  help. A service for which you can rely on Cinematic Studio

Professional video shooting of commercials by Cinematic Studio – we know how and we can do it for you

We can assist you with the complete filming of a business commercial that reflects your individual ideas. We adhere to a modern vision when presenting your business messages. Our goal is to create a quality product that meets today’s video filming and promotional video processing requirements.

Price for video advertising – what does it depend on?

There are various factors that should be taken into account when forming the final price for video advertising. According to the requirements, objectives and ideas behind the video advertising, we can highlight several key factors.

Time of shooting is the most important price determining factor. The process of video shooting involves engaging one or several videographers, carrying and using filming equipment, lighting and a number of other technical and organizational activities. To get a specific price for the service of filming a video advertisement you can contact us. We will prepare for you an individual price offer, tailored to your budget.


Get an individual offer

Cinematic Studio operates nationwide. You can take advantage of our services in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Veliko Tarnovo, Ruse, and many other locations in Bulgaria. We will assist you with complete video shooting of various events, including promotional videos for your corporate needs now, tomorrow or whenever you need them.

Professional video advertising – an investment worth making

Don’t spend money investing in the wrong resources for your marketing. An investment in video advertising will pay you back many times over in time. Video advertising gives you the opportunity to proactively influence the group of potential customers that have the best chance of becoming that group of regular customers.

Take advantage of our wide range of professional filming services for a variety of commercials, videos, events and more for your corporate needs.

Cinematic Studio offers you professional service, short turnaround times for projects of all sizes, and guaranteed quality at an affordable price.

Trust the experts in the corporate and marketing videography industry – Cinematic Studio!

Get a personalized offer for video advertising.