Videography of weddings

Cinematic Studio is a professional videography studio for a variety of family events, including weddings of all sizes. We take a tailored approach to the filming and subsequent editing and processing process, guided by your individual requirements.

Cinematic Studio is distinguished by its years of experience in shooting, editing and processing wedding videos, creating teasers and wedding trailers. We have completed many projects for weddings, corporate events and promotional videos, some of which you can view in our available portfolio.

We videotape weddings in a unique and unconventional way. The satisfaction of our clients, their ideas and views for the wedding day and their personal video are the criteria we always follow. We pay attention to detail, capture every emotion and transform your wedding moment into a professional wedding video to immortalize this significant moment for you and your loved ones.

Audio is an integral part of quality videography today. That’s why our wedding productions also feature high-quality audio, as we serve ourselves with high-end additional equipment.

Wedding videography by Cinematic Studio

For us at Cinematic Studio, a wedding videography service is not just one of the many services for this type of videography offered by many photographers today. For many wedding videographers, it’s just a commitment with nothing special about it, but not for us. We think big, so our team, and the quality of service we offer, are on another level.

Not just a service, but a value because a wedding is once in a lifetime

Creating a professional wedding video is a value that is all about beauty, unconcealed joy, love, tears, laughter and a range of other emotions. A wedding celebration combines a fairy tale of emotions that can be captured by our lenses and conveyed to the viewer in the form of an impressive video, creatively and technically executed at the highest professional level.

With Cinematic Studio’s wedding videography service, you get a video memento of your wedding that will make you, your children, relatives and loved ones relive that magical moment again and again.

Not just a video, but it’s the art of capturing the emotion of two beloved ones.

We don’t just implement a wedding videography service, we create a product that in itself brings exceptional value to the newlyweds. At Cinematic Studio, we look at every new project as an opportunity to show off our best creative side. Every film we create, courtesy of you, the newlyweds, is a way to create art that captures the strongest emotions, those of genuine joy, tears of happiness and the intimate love between two people.

Not just a movie, but a cinematic product for the most important event in your life

Wedding videography is a one-of-a-kind art that is capable of conveying the entire range of emotions that a wedding day brings together. The beauty of human relationships, the love, the excitement – they all gush from Cinematic Studio’s professionally shot footage. It’s not just a film about the celebration of two lovers, it’s a memory that needs to be immortalized, and in the best way, with the right techniques and elements that modern cinematographic tools present.

Wedding videography by Cinematic Studio – trust the experts in the industry

Cinematic Studio has been professionally videotaping wedding receptions for years. Along with professionalism, the range of equipment used and video processing skills gives us the confidence to offer this type of service, guaranteeing its quality.

Take a look at our wide range of realised wedding films, some of which are available as wedding videos and trailers. From these, you could get an idea of the quality of service we offer and the individual approach we insist on when completing each wedding videography project.

We work throughout the country

Cinematic Studio offers videography for weddings in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Veliko Tarnovo and many other locations in the country. You can contact us for professional videography of your wedding and/or other personal event, regardless of the location.

We will come to where you need us to create a one of a kind film for your special event. Don’t compromise in choosing a contractor for this part of your personal event organization – a wedding is once in a lifetime and deserves to be filmed by professionals with flair, individual approach and style.

We pay attention to every detail because we know its value

Should you approach us to photograph your wedding, we will listen to your story, ideas and ideas for the perfect wedding in your eyes. We will tailor every detail during the wedding videography, as well as the subsequent finishing touches to the project. We’ll apply a customized filming style because every wedding celebration is unique at its core and deserves attention.

At Cinematic Studio, we will capture every heartfelt emotion of your wedding day – from the very beginning to its end. We will turn your wedding day into a fairytale film to recall the most sincere emotions of your wedding celebration whenever you need it, so you can enjoy it again and again, showing it to your children, relatives, family and friends.

We have high-end professional equipment and work with the best video processing software

To make sure that your personal film is shot in the best way and meets the requirements of high quality footage, according to the modern requirements, we use high-end professional shooting equipment. We also have professional drones at our disposal. We work with videographers who have the required expertise and years of experience in video shooting, editing and processing of all types of videos. We use professional software to create not just a video of your wedding, but your treasured wedding film.

Wedding Films by Cinematic Studio

We specialize in creating wedding films, trailers and teasers of various lengths. The latter can be easily shared with your family, loved ones and friends via social media and all other communication channels.

No matter what type of production we will realize for your wedding day, you can be sure that the filmed and edited video productions made by us will be of excellent 2K HD and 4K HD quality and will meet the high professional standards applicable today.

When shooting video, we integrate high quality audio recordings of key moments of the wedding celebration, including appropriate music. We can tailor the music selection to your preferences and/or you can trust our individual approach to video editing.

Cinematic Studio is your personal professional wedding videographer!

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Cinematic Studio operates nationwide. You can take advantage of our services in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Veliko Tarnovo, Ruse, and many other locations in Bulgaria. We will assist you with complete video shooting of various events, including promotional videos for your corporate needs now, tomorrow or whenever you need them.