Corporate videography

Cinematic Studio deals with professional filming and production of corporate videos that meet the needs of modern business. Companies, regardless of the sector in which they operate have a need for video advertising and / or other types of video filming for which we could assist.

Cinematic Studio can offer you the service of shooting a video for a company. Whether it’s a promotional video, filming an event, various corporate events, or other aimed at  building a good image and/or advertising, we are here to help.

Corporate videography according to your goals

Nowadays, every brand that cares about its good name and wants to position itself successfully among its competitors needs professional corporate video shooting. At Cinematic Studio, we can produce corporate videos for you in different formats and lengths according to your goals.

We implement video marketing for companies, offering a wide range of solutions in corporate and image video production in the following main areas:

  • Product videography;
  • Videography of press conferences, seminars, lectures, team building and any other corporate events that require professional assistance;
  • Promotional and any other type of videos aimed at promoting your brand and/or presenting its new services and/or products;
  • Educational videos, tutorials, etc. giving added value to consumers;
  • Video business card – a short introduction of your business in the form of a business video presentation.

You have another purpose or idea for a corporate video? Contact Cinematic Studio!

Cinematic Studio – corporate videography plays a key role in business success today

Advertise your business unlimitedly, in an attractive and impactful way for your audience. By producing professional videos for your brand, business, services, etc. your presence will be strengthened and access to potential customers/users of your service/product will be expanded.

Present your business in the most effective way

With this service, provided by Cinematic Studio, you get a high quality advertising shoot to promote your business and brand in many different channels on the Internet – social networks, websites, email marketing, during business conferences and a number of other events.

With the available videos you can present your new products and/or services, part of your portfolio, to a targeted group on the Internet or within a brand presentation meeting.

Complete solutions for corporate video capture

Cinematic Studio – professional corporate videography for films, videos and more, featuring professional execution and high quality. We will assist you in the entire video creation process – from scripting, through video shooting and processing, to delivering the ready-to-use material.

We use state-of-the-art technology and filming techniques to offer our corporate partners video products of the highest quality that work for their success.

We create stories that will be heard

We know the importance of corporate image, and we know the importance of building a brand that is recognizable and successful these days. With a team of videographers, editors and all types of professionals, we will put all our creativity and take into account every single detail that needs to be addressed in the presentation.

Every business has a story – we can tell it in the most impactful way to reach the widest possible audience.

Corporate videography by Cinematic Studios – important steps in the process of planning, shooting and processing the videos

Every type of business and brand is different and requires an individual approach. Therefore, the first things to be clarified before we start with the filming are the following key points:

  • Clarify the type of business you are in, your brand mission, vision and goals;
  • Set specific goals for the video shoot – advertising, training, presentation, promoting a new product, service, filming a corporate event, etc;
  • You can share some examples with us and/or you can trust our experience – a video you like can serve as an excellent guide for us on what to do for you. Or just trust our experience;
  • We take into account important information related to to shooting commercial and any other type of video. These are the messages you want to convey and the audience you want to reach;
  • Details such as narration voice, sound, effects and more are also specified at the planning stage to make sure we get a final product that is polished down to the smallest detail;
  • We determine the timeline for the entire process of creating the promotional video you need, as well as the cost of the service.

Cinematic Studio – for your excellent corporate presentation!


Get your individual offer for corporate videography now!

Cinematic Studio operates nationwide. You can take advantage of our services in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Veliko Tarnovo, Ruse, and many other locations in Bulgaria. We will assist you with a complete video shoot of various events, including promotional videos for your corporate needs now, tomorrow or whenever you need them.