Why promote your business with video advertising?

In the 21st century, when digitalization, smart technology and the Internet are an integral part of consumers’ everyday lives, businesses can’t help but invest in innovative advertising methods.

A typical example of this type of promotion today is video advertising. A communication tool trusted by many different companies in the country and around the world, distinguished by its key features and advantages.

If you are still hesitating whether this marketing approach is worth it, then the following lines are just for you. We summarize 5 reasons that are indicative for the success of video advertising today.

Videos increase the chance of sales

What is your business aiming for if not new customers to turn into potential buyers of your goods and services? Well, with quality video advertising, you can attract serious profits. Studies show that the popularity of a product page on your website can increase by up to 80% thanks to the video content on it.

Video is also an effective tool for making direct sales. Many consumers watch reviews of products they plan to buy, and this type of content works proactively for them. 74% of consumers who watched video content about a specific product/service went on to purchase the same directly afterwards.

This data is far from surprising. Video allows the customer to get much more information within a shorter time, thanks to the speed of information processing received through the combination of audio and video. Given the fact that photographs impact the user just as quickly, imagine what results videos can lead to.

Video has a high return on investment

While shooting and post-producing a promotional video requires a larger investment than a set of photographs, for example, video production compensates for this with its high return on investment.

A promotional video is used over an extended period of time. It provides answers to questions and/or information about a brand, product, service to a wide group of potential consumers not just for a day, but for months.

The most important element of it is the content, and then factors such as the quality of the footage and audio come into play. Brevity is another important advantage of video. The modern consumer is in a hurry and their attention is held in extremely short time frames. With a video ad that is not very long, yet impactful, you can tell your viewers a lot in a small amount of time.

Video advertising as a trust factor

The overall concept of creating an advertising video is based on trust between the communicator and the receiver. It has a decisive importance for the success of your sales, and building a high commitment to your brand and its activities.

With the arsenal of tools that a modern advertising videographer can access to assist you in creating the perfect promotional video, the results will not be delayed. Video gives you the opportunity to stand with your face when promoting your products and/or services. The fact that you do it with your name and face is a factor that inevitably impacts consumers.

Video content is preferred by Google

Did you notice that the last time you searched for something on a search engine, the first results were to a video link? It’s no secret that the world’s largest search engine tolerates video content more than any other type of content on the internet.

So there is a logical explanation. Videos manage to hold user attention for longer, and Google recognizes that since users are spending more time on your site, then there’s something to do it for.

In a nutshell, if you have a video on your page, be it showcasing a specific product category, introducing people to your brand, your story, etc., then you have a significantly higher chance of ranking at the top of the search engine.

Engages and activates even the laziest users

Learning through video has established itself as a great educational tool, which is a testament to its effectiveness. As has become clear, this type of content is extremely quick and easy to consume.

We live in an extremely fast-paced world and the modern consumer values speed. He/She wants to see the product in action. This makes video an extremely powerful tool to engage and call to action.