5 fresh flower decorating ideas for your wedding

Flowers are an integral part of wedding decorations, and a number of other special events. Their use has been known for centuries. They add style, elegance and beauty to the signing ceremony room, the restaurant or the garden where your marriage ceremony will take place.

Colourful decorations create a mood. They add festive fairy, romance and beauty necessary for the satisfaction of both the newlyweds and the guests. They also serve as an excellent backdrop for your wedding photographs and/or the videography of your wedding film.

Driven by the idea to inspire you on what floral backdrops to opt for your wedding, in the following lines we have selected for you 5 fresh floral decorating ideas that you can opt for and you definitely won’t go wrong.

Flower arches are always in fashion

Floral arches are among the popular types of decorations realized with many different types of flowers. They successfully add an elegant style, beauty and mood whether they are used outdoors or indoors. They are sure to impress your guests and become a favorite backdrop for photos and videos of your wedding day. As with floral arches, or any other type of decorative structure, it is important that the flowers are chosen according to the main colour scheme of your event.

Floral aisles on the way to the wedding altar

Floral aisles are another very popular fashion touch that more and more newlyweds are relying on in their wedding decorations. You can rebe sure that flower alleys will impress your guests on the one hand, and on the other – they will surely brighten the way of the two lovers to the altar. The aisles of flowers create a beautiful and romantic atmosphere that will be successfully captured through the video lens of the wedding videographer.

Central floral elements for the wedding tables

Another popular way to contribute to the beautiful decoration during your wedding reception is to put flower decorations as centerpieces on the tables in the restaurant. By doing so, you will successfully add a festive atmosphere for all the guests honoring your special day. The floral decorations provided for the wedding tables can be designed in many different styles. Different types of flowers, styles, structures, etc., selected according to the wedding theme can be used for this purpose.

Wall of flowers

Another very impactful floral decoration idea is the wall of flowers. In recent years, this type of floral decorations are becoming particularly attractive design solutions. This approach allows you to experiment in terms of colours, sizes and types of flowers. A beautiful wall of flowers can be integrated both indoors and outdoors, in case you have decided to celebrate your marriage in this rather popular way lately – outdoors in the garden.

Hanging floral installation

Last but not least, we draw your attention to this attractive yet stylish floral decoration. Hanging floral montage fits perfectly into any type of wedding celebration, it implies the possibility of taking photos, shooting video and more, both for you, dear newlyweds, and for your guests, relatives, relatives and friends. Hanging floral montage is a great way to realize a personalized design with an accent.