Trends in wedding dress in 2022

There are a number of events in a person’s life that require selecting the right clothes, putting on the right perfume, adding that little fashion detail to give the perfect finishing touch to their outfit.

The wedding reception is one of them. The day two lovers embark on the journey of a lifetime, presumptively “obliges” everyone attending the event to select their outfit as befits.

If there’s a name in the fashion world that anyone can point to without even thinking about it, it’s Coco Chanel. The insightful and profound thoughts of one of the most influential global figures of the 20th century will forever remain in history, and for good reason.

The famed designer and creator of the eponymous haute couture house said, “I don’t like the word fashion. Fashion passes, style remains: it is like a tree that renews and evolves”.

Starting from her words that “style is a tree that renews and evolves”, we decided to present to you the top 3 fashion trends in wedding dress in 2022 that are sure to grab your interest.

As it became clear, trends change, but the style in them remains. Therefore, dear ladies, it is important to bet on inimitable style, to emphasize your femininity and beauty. Especially when your wedding is about to become a movie, immortalizing your personal event for generations to come.

To add some colour

Contrary to popular belief that fashion trends in weddings follow an established tradition in terms of outfits, decorations and more, 2022 in particular managed to surprise us. If you’ve attended a similar event this year, then you’ve probably noticed that “natural” tones are popping up more and more often.

Little by little, stylish floral details are being added, both to “freshen up” the bridal gown design and to the bridesmaids’ and guests’ outfits. We are also noticing more and more color in the overall wedding decorations. 2022 can definitely be defined as the year that added a touch of color to wedding celebrations.

“Little white dress”

As a great counterpart to the infamous “little black dress”, in 2022 many brides opted for the simple and stylish design of this particular dress but in white. Apart from its unique style, the short bridal dress also features a number of advantages that we are sure every bride-to-be knows very well.

Needless to mention, you won’t need people to help you get in and/or out of the car and you’ll be comfortable showing your best self during the dance. At the same time, you will be elegant and stylish enough.

However, if the long white fairytale-like dress is your dream, remember that the little “fashion jewel” can stay for after the ritual at the church and the formal signing part is over. However, the fact is that the short and less traditional bridal gown has managed to become the wedding hit of 2022. Will the trend continue in 2023? We are yet to find out.

Floral motives

It will hardly surprise anyone if we mention that floral motives in wedding dress designs were the order of the day in 2022 as well. Flowers in bridal outfits still continue to add tenderness, magic and romance ever so successfully. They are a symbol of inimitable style, sophistication and beauty. We are sure that their timelessness in fashion will be a reason to see them often for years to come.