The use of a cinema camera when filming wedding events has established itself as a particularly popular approach today. More and more videographers are applying cinematic approaches to filming wedding celebrations and ceremonies. This is one of the most assured and high quality type of productions covering special events such as weddings.

Cinematography in filming weddings minimizes any potential disadvantages. They are designed with the idea of long and continuous recording in a variety of conditions. We summarize everything about the cinematographic approach to videotaping weddings in the following lines.

What makes wedding cinematography different?

Professional cinematography of weddings is done using high-end equipment and ensures that footage is available from several different angles. The idea of its implementation is to achieve a more detailed capture, looking extremely similar to the movies we watch on TV or in the cinema.

Given quality source material, the post-production will turn these into a highly impactful short film production. It will come with all the extras – proper background music, captions, effects, etc.

Wedding cinematography is a kind of art form as the way the individual details are captured, the moments during your event and much more is very important. Then comes the important role of the processor, who manages to arrange them in the best sequence, apply the best effects, select the fonts used, messages, etc.

What are the advantages of wedding photography?

Among the distinctive features of cinematographic wedding production are a number of other advantages:

  • Exceptionally good optimization when shooting, even when it comes to conditions such as low light;
  • The shooting equipment has audio controls and not a few inputs suitable for the use of additional microphones to achieve excellent sound quality;
  • Built-in ND filters, optimum cooling even under heavy use, and the ability to record on multiple media;
  • A wide range of options when capturing different formats and its quality according to the desired result;
  • High-end technology implies high battery endurance to ensure continuous recording without interruption.

As a finale to this point, it is important to mention that even high-end equipment cannot make up for the lack of a professional outlook on filming. For this reason, it is important to delegate these tasks to professional videographers.

What are the potential disadvantages of this type of wedding videography?

The main disadvantages that we could attribute to this type of wedding videography are two – the higher cost for this service and the need for a skilled videographer.

The first one definitely concerns those taking advantage of the service. Still, when we’re talking about wedding filming, this is hardly an expense worth saving. Think of your wedding film as an extremely precious memento of your wedding day.

Regarding qualifications – not every wedding videographer can offer you this type of filming. The reasons for this have to do with the need for high-end equipment, which primarily costs money. On the other hand – the need for the qualification of the cameraman, both at the stage of video shooting and in the subsequent processing of the footage, to obtain a beautiful and impactful wedding film.