Your wedding day is the most special moment of your life. It has probably taken you months to organise, why not at least a year. Your mind has been occupied for a long time with plans, appointments, etc. The day you have been planning for so long is coming. Perhaps you have spent the night before staring into the darkness, unable to sleep due to excitement.

But what happens next? “We’re going to enjoy the love in our lives, build a family, a home…” you might say to yourself. Yes, these are undoubtedly events that will accompany you in existence. However, we at Cinematic Studio have one mission and that is to make it possible for you to revisit your wedding day again and again whenever you want.

Why is it important? Because, dear lovers who are about to enter into a sacred union, a wedding is not just an event that happens and passes away. A wedding involves a multitude of details, some of which, whether due to organizational matters, excitement or any other reason, may go unnoticed by you.

Think about the moments that happen without you being able to see them. While putting on your carefully chosen dress and suit, while tying your shoes, while putting on your makeup. There are so many events that are pressing, but yet rob you of the opportunity to look at your wedding from another angle, to see the details, the emotions, the smiles, the tears of joy.

You put so much effort, time, emotions to make this special day happen. Don’t you think you deserve to relive it? Here again comes the key role of wedding videography.

The Wedding Film – a production without analogue

Undoubtedly, photographs are a good way to document a special event like your wedding day. With modern equipment, filming methods and high professionalism on the part of the photographer, the results can be truly impressive. However, the wedding film is a production that is virtually unparalleled.

Videography of weddings is distinguished by its ability to convey those subtle moments that traditional photography can hardly do. A photograph can’t capture your partner’s trembling hands as he or she places the wedding band, or the welling tears in the eyes of loved ones as you say your cherished “I do”.

There are so many details worth capturing, and presented with the authentic audio and image in one.

Immortalize your wedding by turning it into a short film about the beginning of your family life

With the help of wedding videography, all the toasts, speeches, wishes, etc. can not only be seen but also heard. And do you know what is the most important? You are the main characters in this short production, presenting your ritual entry into family life.

A wedding short film, when professionally produced, can become an extremely precious “living” memento of your wedding celebration. You can watch it again and again to recall the special moments of the day you embarked on the journey of family life together.